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vibe.d 0.9.7 release

vibe.d 0.9.7 release

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Tue, 29 Aug 2023This release focuses on getting rid of most scope related deprecation warnings on modern compiler versions. There are still some left, some of which may need to be fixed in the compiler, but the overall compilation output is now pretty clean.

Features and improvements

  • Added CachedFileStream as a means to provide a file backed random access stream for pure input streams - pull #2742, pull #2745
  • Build configuration improvements for the vibe-d:tls package
    • Added a "openssl-static" configuration using statically linked libraries, currently available for Linux/Windows/macOS/iOS
    • Fixed the "notls" option to actually strip all TLS dependencies - pull #2719, issue #2735, pull #2744
  • Improved performance of BufferedStream - pull #2720, pull #2721
  • Bson values can now be constructed from const(char)[] instead of just string (by Per Nordlöw) - pull #2726
  • Fixed a number of scope related deprecation warnings for the latest compiler versions - pull #2732, pull #2736

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an index out of bounds error in BufferedStream - pull #2722
  • Fixed a compile error in MongoCollection.countDocuments (by Szabo Bogdan aka gedaiu) - pull #2731
  • Fixed update verification in MongoCollection (by Ben Jones) - pull #2729


Posted at 13:39:37 +0200 by Sönke Ludwig

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