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vibe.d 0.7.8 release

vibe.d 0.7.8 release

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Mon, 01 Oct 2012This release adds support for UDP sockets and contains a rather large list of smaller fixes and improvements.

Features and improvements

  • Added support for UDP sockets
  • The reverse proxy now adds the headers "X-Forwarded-For" and "X-Forwarded-Host"
  • MongoCollection.findAndModify returns the resulting object only now instead of the full reply of the protocol
  • Calling MongoCollection.find() without arguments now returns all documents of the collection
  • Implemented "vibe init" to generate a new app skeleton (by 1100110)
  • The application's main module can now also be named after the package name instead of 'app.d' (by 1100110)
  • The default user/group used on Linux for priviledge lowering has been renamed to 'www-vibe' to avoid name clashes with possibly existing users named 'vibe' (by Jordy Sayol)
  • BsonBinData is now converted to a Base-64 encoded string when the BSON value is converted to a JSON value
  • BsonDate now has toString/fromString for an ISO extended representation so that its JSON serialization is now a string
  • The Diet parser now supports string interpolations inside of style and script tags.
  • The Diet parser now enforces proper indentation (i.e. the number of spaces used for an indentation level has to be a multiple of the base indent)
  • The Diet parser now supports unescaped string interpolations using !{}
  • The JSON de(serializer) now supports pointer types
  • Upgraded libevent to v2.0.20 and OpenSSL to v1.0.1c on Windows
  • The Win32 driver now has a working Timer implementation
  • OutputStream now has an output range interface for the types ubyte and char
  • The logging functions use 'auto ref' instead of 'lazy' now to avoid errors of the kind "this(this) is not nothrow"
  • The markdown text filter now emits XHTML compatible
    tags instead of
    (by cybevnm)
  • The REST interface generator now uses plain strings instead of JSON for query strings and path parameters, if possible
  • The UrlRouter now URL-decodes all path parameters

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a null dereference for certain invalid HTTP requests that caused the application to quit
  • Fixed setTaskStackSize() to actually do anything (the argument was ignored somwhere along the way to creating the fiber)
  • Fixed parameter name parsing in the REST interface generator for functions with type modifiers on their return type (will be obsolete once __traits(parameterNames) works)
  • Fixed a too strict checking of email adresses and using now to perform proper checking on DMD 2.060 and up
  • Fixed JSON deserialization of associative arrays with a value type different than 'string'
  • Fixed empty peer fields in HttpServerRequest when the request failed to parse properly
  • Fixed yield() calls to avoid stack overflows and missing I/O events due to improper recursion
  • Fixed the Diet parser to allow inline HTML as it should
  • Fixed the Diet parser to actually output singular HTML elements as singular elements
  • Fixed tight loops with yield() not causing I/O to stop in the win32 back end
  • Fixed code running from within static this() not being able to use vibe.d I/O functions
  • Fixed a "memory leak" (an indefinitely growing array)
  • Fixed parsing of one-character JSON strings (by Михаил Страшун aka mist)
  • Fixed the Diet parser to not HTML escape attributes and to properly escape quotation marks (complying with Jade's behavior)
  • Fixed the Diet parser to accept an escaped hash (#) as a way to avoid string interpolations
  • Fixed a bug in MongoDB cursor end detection causing spurious exceptions
  • Fixed the Markdown parser to now recognize emphasis at the start of a line as an unordered list
  • Fixed the form parsing to to not reject a content type with character set specification
  • Fixed parsing of unicode character sequences in JSON strings
  • Fixed the 100-continue response to end with an empty line


Posted at 18:01:14 GMT by Sönke Ludwig

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