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vibe.d 0.7.25 release

vibe.d 0.7.25 release

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Sun, 20 Sep 2015Mostly a bugfix release, including a regression fix in the web form parser. This release also drops official support for the DMD 2.065.0 front end (released February 2014), although it may continue to work for some time.

Features and improvements

  • Contains some compile fixes for the upcoming 2.069 version of DMD
  • The REST interface generator adds support for out/ref @headerParam parameters
  • Stripping id/_id fields for RedisStripped!T is now optional
  • registerWebInterface and registerRestInterface now return the URLRouter instance to enable method chaining (by Martin Nowak) - pull #1208

Bug fixes

  • Fixed parsing of multi-part forms when a Content-Length part header is present (by sigod) - issue #1220, pull #1221
  • Fixed parsing of multi-part forms that don't end in "--\r\n" (by Etienne Cimon) - pull #1232
  • Fixed an exception occurring in waitForData() when calling Libevent2TCPConnection.close() concurrently (by machindertech) - pull #1205
  • Fixed handling of WebInterfaceSettings.ignoreTrailingSlash for sub interfaces (by Marc Schütz) - pull #1237
  • Fixed an alignment issue in conjunction with atomic operations on the upcoming LDC 0.16.0 (by Kai Nacke aka redstar) - pull #1255
  • Fixed parsing of empty HTTP request headers - issue #1254
  • Fixed using the MongoDB client on a mongos instance - pull #1246
  • Fixed using LibasyncUDPConnection.recv without a timeout (by Daniel Kozak) - pull #1242
  • Fixed a regression in RestInterfaceClient, where a get(T id) method would result in a URL with two consecutive underscores


Posted at 19:39:23 +0200 by Sönke Ludwig

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