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vibe.d 0.7.10 release

vibe.d 0.7.10 release

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Thu, 03 Jan 2013The Win32 back end now has working TCP socket support. Also, the form and REST interface generators have been improved and Diet templates support arbitrary D expressions for attribute values. Finally, everything compiles now on Win64 using DMD 2.061.

Features and improvements

  • TCP sockets in the Win32 back end work now
  • Added support for struct and array parameters to registerFormInterface (by Robert Klotzner aka eskimor) - issue #138, issue #139, issue #140
  • registerFormInterface now ignores static methods (by Robert Klotzner aka eskimor) - issue #136
  • Added support for arbitrary expressions for attributes in Diet templates
  • Added RedisClient.zrangebyscore and fixed the return type of RedistClient.ttl (long) (by Simon Kerouack aka ekyo) - issue #141
  • renderCompat() does not require the parameter values to be wrapped in a Variant anymore
  • Added a BsonObjectID.timeStamp property that extracts the unix time part
  • Added a versions of deserialize(B/J)son that return the result instead of writing it to an out parameter
  • The REST interface client now can handle more foreign types by searching for all needed module imports recursively
  • listenTcp now returns a TcpListener object that can be used to stop listening again
  • Added vibe.inet.message.decodeEncodedWords and decodeEmailAddressHeader
  • Added compileDietFileMixin usable for directly mixing in Diet templates (they are instantiated in the caller scope)
  • The SMTP client now prints the last command whenever an error is returned from the server - see issue #126
  • Documentation improvements
  • All examples now use shared static this instead of static this so that they will behave correctly once multi-threading gets enabled
  • vibe.core now only depends on vibe.inet and vibe.utils.memory and thus is ready to be used as a stand-alone library
  • Bson.length is now allowed for Bson.Type.Object and added Bson.EmptyArray
  • Setting HttpFileServerSettings.maxAge to zero will cause the "Expires" and "Cache-Control" headers to be omitted
  • Url can now be constructed as Url(str) in addition to Url.parse(str)
  • The HTTP server logger now logs the requesting host name instead of the selected configuration's host name
  • Using ParameterIdentifierTuple now for the REST interface generator, which makes the _dummy parameter hack unnecessary
  • Compiles with DMD 2.061 and on Win64
  • User and group names are now accepted in addition to UID/GID in /etc/vibe/vibe.conf - issue #133

Bug fixes

  • Fixed forwarding of non-ASCII unicode characters in htmlEscape
  • Fixed the Diet template parser to accept underscores in ID and class identifiers
  • Fixed HEAD requests properly falling back to GET routes in the UrlRouter
  • Fixed parsing of unicode escape sequences in the JSON parser - issue #146
  • Made vibe.core.mutex.Mutex actually pass its unit tests
  • Fixed compile errors occuring when using the field selector parameter of MongoDB.find/findOne/findAndModify
  • Fixed some cases of InvalidMemoryOperationError in ConnectionPool/LockedConnection - possibly issue #117
  • Avoid passing 0x8000 (O_BINARY) on non-Windows systems to open(), as this may cause the call to fail (by Martin Nowak) - issue #142
  • Fixed creation of HTTP sessions (were not created before at least one key was set)
  • Fixed the error detection code (safe mode) for the MongoDB client
  • int values are now correctly serialized as Bson.Type.Int instead of Bson.Type.Long
  • Fixed handling of the "X-Forwarded-For" header in the reverse proxy server in case of a proxy chain
  • During the build, temporary executables are now built in %TEMP%/.rdmd/source so they pick up the right DLL versions
  • Fixed the daytime example (readLine was called with a maximum line length of zero) - issue #122, issue #123


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