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vibe.d 0.9.6 release

vibe.d 0.9.6 release

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Tue, 21 Mar 2023In the light of the recent step-by-step introduction of DIP 1000 style scope checks, vibe-core has been adjusted and made the jump to 2.0.0. While there are still some deprecation warnings, the API should be future proof now. Also, the MongoDB driver has been revamped and is now compatible up to MongoDB 6.0.

Features and improvements

  • Supports D frontend versions 2.090.1 to 2.102.2
  • Compatible with vibe-core 2.0.0+ - pull #2711, pull #2714, pull #2715
  • Revamped the MongoDB implementation, adding support for MongoDB 5.1+/6.0 (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2691, pull #2694, pull #2696, pull #2697, pull #2716
  • Removed deprecated symbols and marked symbols scheduled for deprecation as deprecated - pull #2684
  • Removed the vibe-d:core dummy module
  • runTask and related functions only accept nothrow callbacks now
  • Removed a number of deprecated enum members with uppercase first letters
  • Removed deprecated public stream constructors
  • Implemented a simple form of default schema addition in parseUserURL - pull #2700
  • Added an openssl-static configuration to vibe-d:tls to force using static libs of OpenSSL 3.x - pull #2707, pull #2709

Bug fixes

  • Fixed parsing of Markdown tables with spaces around table header separators - pull #2687
  • Fixed Bson deserialization of immutable(ubyte)[] - pull #2698
  • Fixed handling of InputStream return values in the REST interface generator - pull #2699
  • Fixed a crash at shutdown caused by failed MongoDB connections - pull #2708
  • Fixed Markdown paragraph list detection for muiti-paragraph items - pull #2718


Posted at 09:20:02 +0100 by Sönke Ludwig

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