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vibe.d 0.7.24 release

vibe.d 0.7.24 release

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Mon, 10 Aug 2015Adds DMD 2.068.0 compatibility and contains a number of additions and fixes in all parts of the library. Some notable changes are the addition of WebSocket support in the vibe.web.web module and the planned deprecation of opDispatch for Json and Bson, as well as the rename of all "SSL" symbols to "TLS". HTTP request handlers can, and should, now take the request/response parameters as "scope", which will later allow to improve performance without compromising safety.

Features and improvements

  • Fixed compilation on DMD 2.068 (most fixes by Mathias Lang)
  • Web interface generator (vibe.web.web)
  • Added support for WebSocket routes - issue #952
  • Doesn't intercept HTTPStatusExceptions thrown during parameter assembly anymore
  • Replaced the deprecated form interface example project with a vibe.web.web based "web_ajax" example
  • Added support for the @path attribute on registered classes
  • REST interface generator (
  • Removed support for index() methods (use get() or @path("/")) (by Mathias Lang) - pull #1010
  • Deprecated the @rootPath attribute (use @path instead) (by Mathias Lang) - pull #999
  • Deprecated symbols that were scheduled for deprecation and removed deprecated symbols
  • Added version VibeNoDefaultArgs to disable the built-in command line options
  • Renamed "SSL" to "TLS" in most places
  • Scheduled Json.opDispatch and Bson.opDispatch for deprecation (use opIndex instead)
  • Added Bson.tryIndex (by Marc Schütz) - pull #1032
  • Added support for all standard HTTP methods (RFC) (by Szabo Bogdan) - pull #1068, pull #1082
  • Added overloads for scope based HTTP server callbacks
  • These will later be used for safe, allocation-less HTTP request processing
  • Always prefer this over the non-scope callbacks, as these will imply a performance impact in later versions
  • Added as a convenient way to get a generic data sink stream
  • Added overloads of writeFormData and writeFormBody that accept ranges of key/value tuples (by Tobias Pankrath)
  • Added HTTPClientResponse.switchProtocol (by Luca Niccoli) - pull #945
  • listenHTTP now returns a HTTPListener instance that can be used to stop listening - issue #1074
  • Added an AppenderResetMode parameter to MemoryOutputStream.reset() (by Etienne Cimon)
  • Changed urlEncode to only allocate if necessary (by Marc Schütz) - pull #1076
  • Optimize multi-part form decoding for cases where "Content-Length" is given (by Etienne Cimon) - pull #1101
  • Added serialization support for std.typecons.BitFlags!T
  • Removed the HTTPRouter interface (now just a compatibility alias to URLRouter) (by Mathias Lang) - pull #1106
  • Added HTTPStatus.tooManyRequests (by Jack Applegame) - pull #1103
  • Added optional code and reason parameters to WebSocket.close() (by Steven Dwy) - pull #1107
  • Added an optional copy+delete fallback to moveFile() (by Etienne Cimon and Martin Nowak)
  • Let ConnectionProxyStream work without an underlying ConnectionStream (by Etienne Cimon)
  • Added a ConnectionProxyStream constructor taking separate input and output streams
  • Updated the OpenSSL Windows binaries to 1.0.1m
  • Added BigInt support to the JSON module (by Igor Stepanov) - pull #1118
  • The event loop of the win32 driver can now be stopped by sending a WM_QUIT message (by Денис Хлякин aka aka-demik) - pull #1120
  • Marked vibe.inet.path as pure and removed casts that became superfluous
  • Added an InputStream based overload of HTTPServerResponse.writeBody
  • Added all Redis modules to the vibe.vibe module
  • Added a version of FixedRingBuffer.opApply that supports an index (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #1198

Bug fixes

  • Fixed listening on IPv6 interfaces for the win32 driver
  • Fixed URL.localURI updating the query string and anchor parts properly - issue #1044
  • Fixed Task.join() to work outside of a running event loop
  • Fixed the automatic redirection in vibe.web.web in case of mismatching trailing slash
  • Fixed MongoCollection.count() when used with MongoDB 3.x - issue #1058
  • Fixed detection of non-copyable, but movable types for runTask
  • Fixed processing of translation strings with escape sequences in vibe.web.web (by Andrey Zelenchuk) - pull #1067
  • Fixed unnecessarily closing HTTP client connections
  • Fixed using TCPConnection.close() with a concurrent read() operation (libevent driver)
  • Fixed parsing of HTTP digest authentication headers with different whitespace padding or differing case (by Денис Хлякин aka aka-demik) - pull 1083
  • Fixed parsing various HTTP request headers case insensitively
  • Fixed validation of untrusted certificates without TLSPeerValidationMode.checkTrust for OpenSSLStream
  • Fixed TLS certificate host/address validation in the SMTP client
  • Fixed @bodyParam parameters with default value in the REST interface generator (by Mathias Lang) - issue #1125, pull #1129
  • Fixed running the TLS context setup for STARTTLS SMTP connections (by Nathan Christenson) - pull #1132
  • Fixed JSON serialization of const(Json) (by Jack Applegame) - pull #1109
  • Fixed runtime error for Windows GUI apps that use the Visual Studio runtime
  • Various fixes in the libasync event driver (by Etienne Cimon)
  • Fixed the REST interface generator to treat get/post/... methods as @path("/") (by Mathias Lang) - pull #1135
  • Fixed URL's internal encoding of the path string (by Igor Stepanov) - pull #1148
  • Fixed decoding query parameters in the REST interface generator (by Igor Stepanov) - pull #1143
  • Fixed a possible range violation when writing long HTTP access log messages (by Márcio Martins) - pull #1156
  • Fixed support of typesafe variadic methods in the REST interface generator (by Mathias Lang) - issue #1144, pull #1159
  • Fixed getConfig, setConfig and configResetStat in RedisClient (by Henning Pohl) - pull #1158
  • Fixed possible CPU hog in timer code for periodic timer events that were triggered too fast
  • Fixed a possible memory leak and wrongly reported request times for HTTP connections that get terminated before finishing a response - issue #1157
  • Fixed vibe.web.web.redirect() to work properly for relative paths with query strings
  • Fixed invalid JSON syntax in dub.json - issue #1172
  • Fixed LibasyncFileStream when used with FileMode.createTrunc (by Etienne Cimon) - pull #1176
  • Fixed deserialize when operating on a struct/class that is annotated with @asArray (by Colden Cullen) - pull #1182
  • Fixed parsing quoted HTTP multi part form boundaries (by Mathias L. Baumann aka Marenz) - pull #1183
  • Fixed LibasyncFileStream.peek() to always return null (by Etienne Cimon) - pull #1179
  • Fixed for 32-bit Windows applications (libevent driver) - issue #1189
  • Fixed parsing of relative file:// URLs
  • Fixed a possible RangeError in the JSON parser (by Takaaki Seki) - pull #1199
  • Fixed a possible resource leak in HashMap (destructors not run)
  • Fixed pipeRealtime to always adhere to the maximum latency
  • Fixed deserialization of immutable fields (by Jack Applegame) - pull #1190


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