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An introduction to vibe.d: Writing a scalable chat service in D

This tutorial gives an overview of modern web application (back end) development in D. Step by step, it will make you familiar with all the tools needed. The level of abstraction is kept pragmatic, without going into every detail of the language.

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There is also a similar tutorial by Charles Smith, using lower level APIs and without a database:WebSocket example

D Web Development

This book gives a thorough overview of most aspects of vibe.d. Highly recommended if you want to get familiar with all corners and technical details!

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Learning D - Chapter 10

Chapter 10, "Taking D Online", of Michael Parker's "Learning D" book contains a detailed introduction to vibe.d of almost 50 pages. In this introduction, it interactively develops a movie database web application. If you want to get a complete picture of the possibilities of the language as well, this is a great choice.

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Dlang tutorial: Build tools and hello web

This video tutorial goes through the basics of setting up a D environment up to running the first vibe.d based web application. There is also a number of follow-up tutorials that touch other aspects of the D language.

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A tutorial series

Mihail Strasun (aka Dicebot) has written a series of articles that go through various aspects ranging from environment setup to creating RESTful services.

Quick Start With D: Web Application

Ilya Yaroshenko has written a general D introductory tutorial that contains a section about web application development with vibe.d

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4 Simple Steps to Run D Language in Azure Websites

Goes through the steps necessary to deploy a vibe.d app to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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