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vibe.d 0.7.20 release

vibe.d 0.7.20 release

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Tue, 03 Jun 2014The "vibe.web.web" web interface generator module has been extended with some important features, making it a full replacement (and more) of the old registerFormInterface() functionality. Other important changes include the use of strong TLS ciphers out of the box, as well as a heavily optimized URLRouter implementation and support for compile-time localization of Diet templates.

Features and improvements

  • Web interface generator and Diet template system
    • Added vibe.web.web.terminateSession() and redirect()
    • Added support for struct and array parameters, as well as Nullable!T in vibe.web.web
    • Added the @errorDisplay annotation to vibe.web.web to enable automatic exception display using an existing request handler
    • Added built-in, compile-time, gettext compatible localization support for Diet templates using the tag& text syntax
  • HTTP router
    • Implemented a new match tree based routing algorithm for URLRouter, resulting in great speedups for complex routing setups
    • Added URLRouter.prefix to configure a prefix to append to every route
    • The HTTPRouter router interface is scheduled for removal
  • Serialization system
    • Added @asArray to force serialization of composite types as arrays instead of dictionaries
    • Added support for using a pre-allocated buffer for serializeToBson
    • Added support for custom serialization representations of user defined types using toRepresentation/fromRepresentation methods - issue #618
    • Made DictionaryList serializable as an array by adding toRepresentation/fromRepresentation - issue #621
    • Using only strong ciphers by default for SSL server contexts
    • Added out-of-the box support for perfect forward secrecy (PFS) (by Martin Nowak) - pull #630
    • Changed the default from SSLVersion.tls1 (fixed TLS 1.0) to SSLVersion.any (SSL 3 and up, including TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2)
    • Added SMTPClientSettings.sslContextSetup to enable customization of the SSL context (e.g. adding trusted certificates)
    • Upgraded the Windows OpenSSL binaries to 1.0.1g
  • Performance tuning
    • Added HTTPServerOption.errorStackTraces to make costly stack trace generation optional
    • Arguments to the logging functions are now evaluated lazily to avoid computations when messages are not actually logged
    • Added support for direct de-serialization of MongoDB query results
    • Reduced memory allocations in the HTTP logger module
    • Heavily reduced the number of memory allocations happening in the MongoDB driver - see issue #633
  • General
    • Removed deprecated symbols and deprecated symbols that were scheduled for deprecation
    • Added runWorkerTaskH to run a worker task and return its handle in one step (by Luca Niccoli aka lultimouomo) - pull #601
    • Added createTestHTTPServerRequest and createTestHTTPServerResponse to support writing unit tests
    • Added vibe.core.file.readFile, readFileUTF8, writeFile and writeFileUTF8
    • Added a limited overload of RedisDatabase.zrevRangeByScore and fix the type of the start/end parameters (by Jens K. Mueller) - pull #637
    • Added TCPListenOptions.disableAutoClose to make incoming TCP connections independent of the initial handler task
    • Added vibe.core.concurrency.thisTid as an alias to Task.getThis() for improved API compatibility to std.concurrency
    • Added an overload of UDPConnection.recv taking a timeout parameter - issue #540
    • Added toString to HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse for convenient logging
    • Added MarkdownSettings with additional support of setting the base heading level of the generated HTML
    • Added TCPConnection.keepAlive to set the SO_KEEPALIVE option - issue #622
    • Error derived exceptions are not caught anymore (use -version=VibeDebugCatchAll to get the old unsafe behavior)
    • Annotated some basic modules with @safe/@trusted/pure
    • Extended ProxyStream to optionally take distinct streams for input and output
    • Replaced all remaining uses of renderCompat with render
    • Removed unused variables and made Bson.toString const (thanks to Brian Schott aka Hackerpilot) - issue #659

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the order of events reported by setTaskEventCallback when new tasks are started within an existing task
  • Fixed HTTP multi-file uploads by changing HTTPServerRequest.files to a DictionaryList
  • Fixed @byName to work for serializing (associative) arrays of enums
  • Fixed SSL based SMTP connections (by Martin Nowak) - pull #609
  • Fixed Diet text blocks (tag. style) to properly remove the input file indentation - issue #614
  • Fixed isStronglyIsolated!T to work for interface types
  • Fixed filterURLEncode to encode certain special characters (such as "{") - issue #632
  • Fixed a crash when accessing vibe.d event functionality from within shared static ~this
  • Fixed Task.join and Task.interrupt to work when called from outside of the event loop (e.g. when processEvents is used instead of runEventLoop) - issue #443
  • Fixed serialization of const class instances (by Jack Applegame) - issue #653
  • Fixed compilation of renderCompat!() on GDC (invalid use of va_list/void*)
  • Fixed handling of paths with empty path entries (e.g. "/some///path") - issue #410
  • Fixed a crash caused by GCAllocator - GC.extend is now used instead of GC.realloc to sidestep the issue - issue #470
  • Fixed rendering of Markdown links with styled captions
  • Fixed Path.relativeTo step over devices for UNC paths on Windows
  • Fixed compilation on 2.064 frontend based GDC - issue #647
  • Fixed output of empty lines in "tag." style Diet template text blocks


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