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Asynchronous I/O that doesn’t get in your way, written in D


Usage via DUB

The recommended way to use vibe.d is to use DUB.

Simply add "vibe-d" as a dependency to your project and DUB will automatically download the latest version (upgrading can be done by running dub upgrade). See the first steps for more details.

Current release version

This is the current official release version. Note that although this release isconsidered to be reasonable stable, it is still considered beta quality. If you stumble over any issue, please visit the issue tracker and see if it is a known problem or add an entry for it. We will try to fix all issues as fast as possible.

ZIP package

The ZIP package is suitable for all supported operating systems. Simply extract and either use as a DUB package (using "dub add-local") or perform a manual build if desired (see first steps for some details).

If you are running a Debian or Arch based Linux distribution, you can use the packages below to benefit from an automated install process. However, please note that this way of installing vibe.d has factually been superseded by using DUB, as noted above.

Download Current Beta Release (0.10.0)

AUR package

The Arch User Repositorycontains a PKGBUILD for building a Packman package. To install, get the tarball from the package page and then build and install the package. Please test and vote if you are running Arch Linux.

Latest development version

You can download the latest development version directly from git. Note that thisversion, while containing the latest and greatest features, can also be especially unstable and might not even run. This version is only recommended for development and if you need a certain feature that is not contained in the current release version.

Note that you have to have the current D compilerinstalled to run the development snapshot.

Download Development Snapshot

Alternatively, you can also

$ git clone git://

or set the dependency version for "vibe-d" to "~master" in your DUB package recipe.


Vibe.d by default requires libevent installed. On Debian based systems it can be installed using apt-get install libevent-dev. See the repository readme for information on other operating systems and distributions.

Alternatively, the "libasync" configuration of the vibe-d and vibe-d:core packages provides a pure D solution that doesn't require any external dependencies. Also, the 0.8.0 series have a "vibe-core" configuration that uses the new vibe-core package, which is also implemented purely in D and thus requires no additional setup.