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New community interaction facilities

New community interaction facilities

Sat, 19 May 2012During the last weeks, we worked on two new things. First, there is a new public forum available. And second, the VPM registry for extension modules is completely redone and includes user registration, so that anyone can publish VPM packages now.

The forum is available as either a newsgroup or as a web forum. The newsgroup server software is VibeNews, which is (obviously) also written using vibe.d and is especially tailored for standalone servers that are not connected to the general UseNet. The web forum is a front end to the newsgroup and is based on Vladimir Panteleev's DFeed. This really neat piece of software is also used on the D forum and for news aggregation on D's IRC channel (and probably more).

In addition to the forum, there is now finally a version of the VPM package registry, where anyone can register packages. If you have written a library and want to share it, the easiest way is to put it on github, write a package.json, make a git tag and register it in the registry. After that, anyone can transparently use it by just putting the name of the library into the "dependencies" section of his/her package.json. The "vibe" script, it will automatically fetch the library from github and place it into the application folder so that it can be used. See the docs for more detailed instructions.

To get an overview of the (few) packages that are already available, just go to the registry home page and see the list there. Clicking on a package will show some information along with instructions on how to add the package to the "dependencies" section.

Update: The web forum software has not been replaced by a solution directly integrated into VibeNews. This offers more possibilities, performs better and is less error prone due to less data redundancy.

Posted at 21:08:21 GMT by Sönke Ludwig

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