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vibe.d 0.7.15 release

vibe.d 0.7.15 release

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Sat, 27 Apr 2013This release cleans up the API in several places (sheduling some symbols for deprecation) and largely improves the multi-threading primitives. It also features initial support for Win64 and a revamped logging system, as well as authentication support for the MongoDB client and a lot of smaller enhancements.

Features and improvements

  • Improved the logging system with pluggable loggers, more specified verbose log levels, an HTML logger, and proper use of stdout/stderr
  • Added basic compile support for 64-bit Windows (using the "win32" driver)
  • Add a scoped alternative version of vibe.core.concurrency.lock (used for safe access to shared objects with unshared methods)
  • Add support to repeat the idle event until a new message arrives
  • Task is now weakly isolated and can thus be passed to other threads using runWorkerTask
  • Implemented digest authentication in the MongoDB client (by Christian Schneider aka HowToMeetLadies) - pull #218
  • The number of worker threads is now core.cpuid.threadsPerCPU
  • TaskMutex is now fully thread safe and has much lower overhead when no contention happens
  • TaskCondition now also works with a plain Mutex in addition to a TaskMutex
  • Removed the deprecated Mutex alias
  • Renamed Signal to ManualEvent to avoid confusion with other kinds of "signals"
  • MemoryStream now supports dynamically growing to the buffer limit
  • HttpServer will now drop incoming connections that don't send data within 10 seconds after the connection has been established
  • Added a new createTimer overload that doesn't automatically arm the timer after creation
  • exitEventLoop now by default also shuts down the worker threads (if enableWorkerThreads was called)
  • Added new command line options "--vv", "--vvv" and "--vvvv" to specify more verbose logging
  • Added connection pooling to the Redis client (by Junho Nurminen aka jupenur) - pull #199
  • Various documentation improvements and better adherence to the style guide
  • Compiles with DMD 2.063 (mostly by Vladimir Panteleev aka CyberShadow) - pull #207
  • All examples now use exact imports rather than using import vibe.vibe; or import vibe.d;
  • Moved basic WWW form parsing from vibe.http.form to vibe.inet.webform to reduce intermodule dependencies and improve compile time
  • MongoDB URL parsing code uses vibe.inet.webform to parse query string arguments now instead of std.regex - improves compile time
  • Much more complete REST interface generator example (by Михаил Страшун aka Dicebot) - pull #210
  • Updated OpenSSL DLLs to 1.0.1e (important security fixes)
  • Renamed EventedObject.isOwner to amOwner
  • Improved intermodule dependencies, configuration option/file handling and added pragma(lib) (using "--version=VibePragmaLib") for more comfortable building without dub/vibe (by Vladimir Panteleev aka CyberShadow) - pull #211
  • Implemented an automatic command line help screen (inferred from calls to vibe.core.args.getOption)
  • Added meaningful error messages when the connection to a MongoDB or Redis server fails
  • Deprecated vibe.http.server.startListening, which is not necessary anymore

Bug fixes

  • Fixed vibe.core.concurrency.receiveTimeout to actually work at all
  • Fixed Win32Timer.stop to reset the pending state and allow repeated calls
  • Fixed HttpClient to avoid running into keep-alive timeouts (will close the connection 2 seconds before the timeout now)
  • Fixed HttpClient to properly handle responses without a "Keep-Alive" header
  • Fixed isWeaklyIsolated for structs containing functions
  • Fixed all invalid uses of countUntil where std.string.indexOf should have been used instead - issue #205
  • Fixed spelling of the "--distport" command line switch and some documentation - pull #203, pull #204
  • Fixed spurious error messages when accepting connections in the libevent driver (by Vladimir Panteleev aka CyberShadow) - pull #207
  • Fixed adjusting of method names in the REST interface generator for sub interfaces (by Михаил Страшун aka Dicebot) - pull #210
  • Fixed falling back to IPv4 if listening on IPv6 fails when calling listenTCP without a bind address
  • Fixed Libevent2MenualEvent.~this to not access GC memory which may already be finalized
  • Fixed Win32TCPConnection.peerAddress and Win32UDPConnection.bindAddress
  • Partially fixed automatic event loop exit in the Win32 driver (use -version=VibePartialAutoExit for now) - pull #213
  • Fixed renderCompat to work with const parameters
  • Fixed an error in the Deimos bindings (by Henry Robbins Gouk) - pull #220
  • Fixed a compilation error in the REST interface client (multiple definitions of "url__")


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