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vibe.d 0.9.0 release

vibe.d 0.9.0 release

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Sun, 26 Jul 2020Removes all legacy drivers (libevent, win32, libasync) and now fully relies on vibe-core instead. MongoDB authentication and index management has been brought up-to-date and several OpenSSL build issues have been solved.

Features and improvements

  • Removed all legacy vibe-d:core drivers (libevent, libasync, win32) - vibe-core is the only core implementation now
  • Removed the deprecated simple password hash functions and deprecated the vibe.crypto.passwordhash module (by Hiroki Noda aka kubo39) - pull #2365
  • Removed deprecated HTTPServerOption members (by Hiroki Noda aka kubo39) - pull #2413
  • OpenSSL build improvements
    • Updated OpenSSL Windows binaries to 1.1.1d - pull #2395
    • Fixed OpenSSL linking on macOS Catalina - pull #2379
    • Enabled the manual "openssl-1.1" configuration on Windows - pull #2392
    • Improved the OpenSSL version detection mechanism (by Mathias Lang aka Geod24) - pull #2401, pull #2448
  • Added an (optional) syntax to define figures to the Markdown parser - pull #2446, pull #2447
  • Added RedisClient.removeUnusedConnections (by Steven Schveighoffer) - pull #2372
  • Added a new index management API to MongoCollection that works on modern MongoDB versions (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2433
  • Added connectWebSocketEx to allow customizing the initial HTTP request - pull #2390
  • Added @embedNullable in order to allow optional serialization of Nullable fields (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - issue #1541, pull #2405
  • Added the possibility to serialize SysTime as BsonDate in the BSON serializer (by Fredrik Söderström aka tirithen) - pull #2420
  • The MongoDB driver now performs a handshake and stores server information (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2201
  • Improved the MongoDB authentication logic and API, as well as the documentation (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2422
  • Allow LF newlines in addition to CRLF in parseRFC5322Header to make it more robust outside of the standard (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2362
  • Informational replies are handled properly in the HTTP client (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2352
  • Removed unnecessary HTML attributes from ":css" and ":javascript" Diet filters (by Beyarz) - pull #2384
  • createTestHTTPServerResponse can now be configured to return only the logical response data instead of the raw protocol data - pull #2453
  • URL is now nothrow in most places - pull #2430
  • HashMap now supports key types that cannot be moved as key.move - pull #2435

Bug fixes

  • Fixed connectWebSocket to actually use the supplied settings parameter - pull #2390
  • Fixed a malformed WebSocket close packet and handles disconnect errors gracefully (by v1ne) - pull #2337
  • Fixed a possible WebSocket connection leak in case of read errors (by Benjamin Schaaf) - pull #2364
  • Fixed an infinite loop in case the Redis connection gets terminated unexpectedly (by Yazan Dabain aka yazd) - pull #2407
  • Fixed detection of half-closed connections in the HTTP client to avoid writing a request that is guaranteed to fail - pull #2421
  • Fixed a bogus compile error for web interfaces with parameterized constructors on the latest compiler versions (by Mathias Lang aka Geod24) - issue #2438, pull #2439
  • Fixed parsing of arrays of structs as parameters in the web interface generator - pull #2457
  • Fixed HTML escaping rules within Markdown emphasized text - pull #2450


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