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vibe.d 0.8.6 release

vibe.d 0.8.6 release

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Thu, 03 Oct 2019Officially deprecates the old libevent based core module and updates compiler support to the latest versions. This release contains a number of small features, bug fixes, as well as improving the default HTTP session cookie security.

Features and improvements

  • Updated compiler support for DMD 2.087.1 and LDC 1.17.0 - pull #2312, pull #2330
  • Officially deprecated the old vibe-d:core module - it is scheduled for removal in January 2020
  • Added ConnectionPool.removeUnused to enable closing all unused connections - issue vibe-core/#101, pull #2287
    • All keep-alive connections of the global HTTP client pool are now disconnected at thread shutdown
    • Added MongoClient.cleanupConnections
  • HTTP client/server
    • Added Cookie.sameSite property and SessionOption.noSameSiteStrict, defaulting to "same-site" (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - pull #2297
    • Added HTTPServerSettings.sessionOptions (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - pull #2299
    • Extended caching support for HTTP (file) serving (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2300
    • Added HTTPClientSettings.readTimeout (by Denis Feklushkin aka denizzzka) - pull #2344
    • Added HTTPClientSettings.connectTimeout - pull #2347
  • Added support for "Markdown Extra"-like class/id attribute annotations in the Markdown parser - pull #2356
  • Added functionality to portably convert from URL to NativePath and back - pull #2285
  • Changed the serialization framework to work with auto ref arguments, enabling serialization of non-copyable types (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2275
  • Reduced hashing overhead in HashMap!T for built-in types (by Nathan Sashihara aka n8sh) - pull #2291
  • Added TCPListenOptions.reuseAddress, enabled by default (by Radu Ricariu) - pull #2303
  • Enabled Unix socket support for vibe-core builds (by Benjamin Schaaf) - pull #2316
  • Annotated URL constructors pure and nothrow (by Denis Feklushkin aka denizzzka) - issue #2322, pull #2351
  • Added "application/wasm" mime type to the HTTP server (by Hiroki Noda aka kubo39) - pull #2375

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the macOS setup script to properly write the UID/GID into vibe.conf (by shove) - pull #2306, issue #2279
  • Fixed an assertion in ZlibInputStream to be thrown as a normal Exception (by Simon Arneaud) - pull #2317
  • Fixed detection of malformed URLs not starting with an alphabetic character (by Francesco Galla) - pull #2308
  • Fixed connectWebSocket to work for "wss"/"ws" (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2321
  • Fixed HashMap to properly work for classes that override opEquals+toHash (by Nathan Sashihara aka n8sh) - pull #2292
  • Fixed a resource leak for libevent based TCPConnection instances that are not explicitly closed, but reaped by the GC - pull #2329
  • Fixed the HTTP client to not use chunked encoding by default for HTTP/1.0 connections (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2333
  • Fixed an issue in ConnectionPool where the pool became unusable after connection failures (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2340
  • Fixed "rtsp(s)" URLs to be considered a double-slash style schema (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2343


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