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vibe.d 0.8.4 release

vibe.d 0.8.4 release

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Sat, 02 Jun 2018Small release with official support for DMD 2.080.0 and LDC 1.9.0, which contains a number of fixes and improvements.

Features and improvements

  • Compiles on DMD DMD 2.074.1 up to 2.080.0 and LDC 1.9.0
  • Added RestInterfaceClient.requestBodyFilter to be able to add request headers based on the body contents - pull #2136
  • Added an optional status parameter to vibe.web.web.redirect (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - pull #1948
  • Added support for string return values as body contents for the web interface generator (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - pull #1854
  • Added full support for Redis URLs (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - pull #1842
  • Added RedisZSet.rangeByLex and .countByLex (by Geoffrey-A) - pull #2141
  • Added MongoClientSettings.maxConnections (by Denis Feklushkin aka denizzzka) - pull #2145
  • Added handling of UUID values in the JSON serializer (serialized as string) (by Benjamin Schaaf) - pull #2088, pull #2158
  • Added FixedRingBuffer.putFront - pull #2114
  • Added support for UUID parameters in the REST interface generator (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2162
  • Added support for UUID BSON serialization (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - issue #2161, pull #2163
  • The JSON serializer now ignores object fields with undefined values (by Szabo Bogdan aka gedaiu) - pull #2149
  • Empty request bodies are now handled gracefully when accessing req.json (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - pull #2042
  • Eliminated a few GC allocations and redundant operations (by Boris Barboris) - pull #2135, pull #2138
  • On Linux, uses the getrandom syscall instead of /dev/urandom, if possible (by Nathan Sashihara aka n8sh) - pull #2093
  • Uses secure_arc4random on Android (by Nathan Sashihara aka n8sh) - pull #2113

Bug fixes

  • Fixed serialization of single-element tuples - issue #2110, pull #2111
  • Fixed closing of non-keepalive HTTP client connections, if set from the response callback - pull #2112
  • Fixed handling of enum types with base type string in the web interface generator (by Thibaut Charles) - pull #2100
  • Fixed handling of regular TLS stream remote shutdown in OpenSSLStream.leastSize and .empty - pull #2117
  • Fixed TLS peer certificate validation failures for certain certificates (by Márcio Martins) - pull #2121
  • Fixed delayed connection close in OpenSSLStream and HTTPClient - 064ddd66, 064ddd66
  • Fixed a range violation error in the Markdown parser for table rows with more column separators than table columns (by Jan Jurzitza WebFreak001) - issue #2132, pull #2133
  • Fixed Path.bySegment (the legacy implementation in vibe-d:core) to insert an empty segment for absolute Posix paths, like vibe-core does - pull #2143
  • Fixed JSON serialization of non-immutable and wide character strings - issue #2150, pull #2151
  • Fixed bogus "mailto" links generated by the Markdown parser - pull #2165
  • Fixed handling of Digest auth headers with equal signs occurring in a field value (by Geoffrey-A) - issue #2023, pull #2059
  • Fixed behavior for buggy HTTP/1 servers that advertize keep-alive without a content length (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2167


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