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vibe.d 0.8.5 release

vibe.d 0.8.5 release

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Tue, 26 Mar 2019This release revamps the OpenSSL 1.1 support, new support for index-less form array fields, and of course a number of bug fixes as well as smaller additions.

Features and improvements

  • The TLS package was updated to use OpenSSL 1.1.x by default - pull #2190
    • Using OpenSSL 1.1.0a on Windows
    • Auto-detecting the OpenSSL version on Posix systems, falling back to 1.1.x if that fails (by Sebastian Wilzbach) - issue #2053
    • The exact version can still be pre-selected using the build configuration of "vibe-d:tls"
  • Compiles on DMD 2.076.1 up to 2.085.0 and LDC 1.14.0
  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.1.1 (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - issue #2214, pull #2226
  • URL.port now returns the value of defaultPort, if no explicit port was specified (by Szabo Bogdan aka gedaiu) - pull #2176
  • Changed Bson.opEquals to yield true for objects with the same fields but different field order (by Igor Stepanov) - pull #2183
  • Removed the DNS lookup cache from the libevent driver (by Márcio Martins) - pull #2257
  • Added an overload of serveRestJSClient that uses server-relative URIs (by Oleg B. aka deviator) - issue #2222, pull #2223
  • Added StdFileStream.stdFile property (by Benjamin Schaaf) - pull #2248
  • vibe.web.common.WebParamAttribute and PathAttribute are now public for external introspection purposes (by Robert Schadek) - pull #2250, pull #2263
  • Added an overload of BsonDate.toSysTime taking a time zone (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2252
  • Added MemoryStream.truncate and enable seek to be used to grow the stream size - pull #2251
  • Array parameters for the web interface generator can now be sent as form parameters without explicit index (by Steven Schveighoffer) - pull #2247
  • vibe.utils.hashmap.HashMap now supports singleton allocators without an object wrapper - pull #2236

Bug fixes

  • Fixed RestInterfaceSettings.dup to properly duplicate the httpClientSettings field (by Vitali Karabitski aka vitalka200)- pull #2197
  • Fixed a compile error in Bson.get!BsonRegex (by Tuukka Kurtti aka Soletek) - pull #2224
  • Fixed host name string conversion for SyslogLogger (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2220
  • Fixed invalid ALPN string conversion in OpenSSLStream (by Francesco Galla) - issue #2235, pull #2235
  • Fixed a null pointer access in OpenSSLStream if read was called after close (by Francesco Galla) - pull #2238
  • Fixed detection of broken quoted-printable encodings (by Adam Williams) - pull #2237
  • Fixed Json.clone for fields of type array (by Szabo Bogdan) - pull #2249
  • Fixed erroneous writing of a response body for certain status codes in the REST interface generator (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - issue #2268, pull #2269
  • Fixed concurrent outgoing WebSocket connections and a socket descriptor leak - issue #2169, pull #2265
  • Fixed @safe inference for JsonStringSerializer (by Tomáš Chaloupka) - pull #2274, [issue #1941][issue1942]


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