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vibe.d 0.9.4 release

vibe.d 0.9.4 release

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Thu, 30 Sep 2021Brings some important bug fixes in the HTTP client and StreamOutputRange. Also adds custom serializer support and input range return support for the REST interface generator and removes some deprecated symbols.

Features and improvements

  • Supports D frontend versions 2.087.1 to 2.097.2
  • The vibe-d:core sub package has been deprecated - depend on vibe-core directly instead - pull #2592
  • OpenSSL
    • Upgraded Windows binaries to 1.1.1l - pull #2601
    • Removed support for OpenSSL 0.9.x (by Mathias Lang aka Geod24) - pull #2594
    • The OpenSSL TLS provider now also restricts the maximum protocol version when setting an explicit version (by Hiroki Noda aka kubo39) - pull #2583
  • REST interface generator
    • Extended the client to be able to stub out @noRoute methods, which allows to put authenticate methods in interfaces - pull #2598
    • Added support for input stream return types (InputStreamProxy) - pull #2602
  • Improved the JSON string deserializer to be able to ignore unexpected fields (by Chris Josten aka HenkKalkwater) - pull #2553
  • Added - pull #2566, pull #2567
  • Added isCommonInternetSchema/registerCommonInternetSchema for controlling URL parsing - pull #2600
  • Added vibe.http.websockets.FrameOpcode (by Tobias Pankrath aka Panke) - pull #2554
  • Added MongoDatabase.runListCommand - pull #2560
  • Made MongoCollection.aggregate @safe (by Jan Jurzitza aka WebFreak001) - pull #2574
  • Marked a number of enum values as deprecated, which were only documented as such - pull #2604
  • Made the basic DictionaryList API nothrow - pull #2605
  • Optimized HTTP time string generation in high-load situations (by Hiroki Noda aka kubo39) - pull #2012
  • Fixed HTTP digest auth secret handling and timeout behavior (by Hiroki Noda aka kubo39) - pull #2609, pull #2613
  • BufferedStream now forwards ClosableRandomAccessStream specific properties - pull #2608

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rare crashes in Json by switching back to use union (by Mathis Beer aka FeepingCreature) - issue #2205, pull #2206
  • Fixed HTTP client handling of keep-alive timeouts (by Yazan Dabain aka yazd) - [pull #2529][issue2529
  • Fixed some -preview=in related issues (by Mathias Lang aka Geod24) - pull #2536, pull #2538
  • Fixed various places in vibe.textfilter to use put(rng, items) instead of rng.put(items) (by Steven Schveighoffer aka schveiguy) - issue #2541, pull #2542
  • Fixed handling of explicit character set declaration in Content-Type headers for JSON bodies in the HTTP/REST system - issue #2543, pull #2544
  • Fixed handling of error messages in the REST client - pull #2549
  • Fixed Content-Length for range based responses of the HTTP file server - pull #2557
  • Fixed wrong route matching in URLRouter caused by weak hash algorithm - issue #2561, pull #2565
  • Fixed the REST generator to allow const parameters (by Ömer Faruk Irmak aka omerfirmak) - pull #2552
  • Fixed HTTP Accept-Language header handling for basic language matches - pull #2595


Posted at 14:14:43 +0200 by Sönke Ludwig

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