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Function sendMail

Sends an e-mail using the given settings.

The mail parameter must point to a valid Mail object and should define at least the headers "To", "From", Sender" and "Subject".

Valid headers can be found at


void sendMail(
  const(SMTPClientSettings) settings,
  Mail mail


The following example demonstrates the complete construction of a valid e-mail object with UTF-8 encoding. The Date header, as demonstrated, must be converted with the local timezone using the toRFC822DateTimeString function.

import vibe.inet.message;
import std.datetime;
void testSmtp(string host, ushort port){
	Mail email = new Mail;
	email.headers["Date"] = Clock.currTime(PosixTimeZone.getTimeZone("America/New_York")).toRFC822DateTimeString(); // uses UFCS
	email.headers["Sender"] = " Contact Form <>";
	email.headers["From"] = "John Doe <>";
	email.headers["To"] = "Customer Support <>";
	email.headers["Subject"] = "My subject";
	email.headers["Content-Type"] = "text/plain;charset=utf-8";
	email.bodyText = "This message can contain utf-8 [κόσμε], and\nwill be displayed properly in mail clients with \\n line endings.";

	auto smtpSettings = new SMTPClientSettings(host, port);
	sendMail(smtpSettings, email);
// testSmtp("localhost", 25);
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