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Module vibe.core.file

File handling functions and types.


Name Description
appendToFile Convenience function to append to a file.
copyFile Copies a file.
createDirectory Creates a new directory.
createTempFile Creates and opens a temporary file for writing.
existsFile Checks if a file exists
getFileInfo Stores information about the specified file/directory into 'info'
getWorkingDirectory Returns the current working directory.
iterateDirectory Enumerates all files in the specified directory.
listDirectory Enumerates all files in the specified directory.
moveFile Moves or renames a file.
openFile Opens a file stream with the specified mode.
readFile Read a whole file into a buffer.
readFileUTF8 Read a whole UTF-8 encoded file into a string.
removeFile Removes a file
watchDirectory Starts watching a directory for changes.
writeFile Write a whole file at once.
writeFileUTF8 Write a string into a UTF-8 encoded file.


Name Description
DirectoryWatcher Interface for directory watcher implementations.
FileStream Accesses the contents of a file as a stream.


Name Description
DirectoryChange Describes a single change in a watched directory.
FileInfo Contains general information about a file.


Name Description
DirectoryChangeType Specifies the kind of change in a watched directory.
FileMode Specifies how a file is manipulated on disk.
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