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Module vibe.db.redis.types

Convenience wrappers types for accessing Redis keys.

Note that the API is still subject to change!


Name Description
fromRedis Converts a Redis value back to its original representation.
getAsHash Returns a handle to a hash type value.
getAsList Returns a handle to a list type value.
getAsSet Returns a handle to a set type value.
getAsString Returns a handle to a string type value.
getAsZSet Returns a handle to a set type value.
toRedis Converts the given value to a binary/string representation suitable for Redis storage.


Name Description
RedisHash Represents a Redis hash value.
RedisList Represents a Redis list value.
RedisSet Represents a Redis set value.
RedisString Represents a Redis string value.
RedisValue Represents a generic Redis value.
RedisZSet Represents a Redis sorted set value.


Name Description
RedisType The type of a Redis key.
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