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Module vibe.inet.message

Internet message handling according to RFC822/RFC5322


Name Description
decodeEmailAddressHeader Decodes a From/To header value as it appears in emails.
decodeEncodedWords Decodes a string in encoded-word form.
decodeMessage Decodes a message body according to the specified content transfer encoding ("Content-Transfer-Encoding" header).
getRFC822TimeZoneOffset Returns the offset of the given time from UTC in minutes.
parseRFC5322Header Parses an internet header according to RFC5322 (with RFC822 compatibility).
toRFC822DateString Returns the RFC-822/5322 date string representation of the given time.
toRFC822DateTimeString Returns the RFC-822 date+time string representation of the given time.
toRFC822TimeString Returns the RFC-822 time string representation of the given time.
writeRFC822DateString Writes an RFC-822/5322 date string to the given output range.
writeRFC822DateTimeString Writes an RFC-822 date+time string to the given output range.
writeRFC822TimeString Writes an RFC-822 time string to the given output range.


Name Description
QuotedPrintable Performs quoted-printable decoding.


Name Type Description
InetHeaderMap DictionaryList!(string,false,12L,false) Behaves similar to string[string] but case does not matter for the key, the insertion order is not changed and multiple values per key are supported.
parseRFC822DateTimeString Parses a date+time string according to RFC-822/5322.
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