Module vibe.http.server

A HTTP 1.1/1.0 server implementation.


Name Description
createTestHTTPServerRequest Creates a HTTPServerRequest suitable for writing unit tests.
createTestHTTPServerResponse Creates a HTTPServerResponse suitable for writing unit tests.
listenHTTP Starts a HTTP server listening on the specified port.
render Renders the given template and makes all ALIASES available to the template.
setVibeDistHost Sets a VibeDist host to register with.
staticRedirect Provides a HTTP request handler that responds with a static redirection to the specified URL.
staticTemplate Provides a HTTP request handler that responds with a static Diet template.


Name Description
HTTPServerRequestHandler Interface for class based request handlers


Name Description
HTTPServerErrorInfo Aggregates all information about an HTTP error status.
HTTPServerRequest Represents a HTTP request as received by the server side.
HTTPServerResponse Represents a HTTP response as sent from the server side.
HTTPServerSettings Contains all settings for configuring a basic HTTP server.


Name Description
HTTPServerOption Specifies optional features of the HTTP server.
SessionOption Options altering how sessions are created.


Name Type Description
HTTPServerErrorPageHandler void delegate(HTTPServerRequest, HTTPServerResponse, HTTPServerErrorInfo) Delegate type used for user defined error page generator callbacks.
HTTPServerRequestDelegate void delegate(HTTPServerRequest, HTTPServerResponse) Delegate based request handler
HTTPServerRequestFunction void function(HTTPServerRequest, HTTPServerResponse) Static function based request handler

Sönke Ludwig, Jan Krüger, Ilya Shipunov


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