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Module vibe.web.web

Implements a declarative framework for building web interfaces.

This module contains the sister funtionality to the module. While the REST interface generator is meant for stateless machine-to-machine communication, this module aims at implementing user facing web services. Apart from that, both systems use the same declarative approach.

See registerWebInterface for an overview of how the system works.


Name Description
errorDisplay Attribute to customize how errors/exceptions are displayed.
nestedNameStyle Determines how nested D fields/array entries are mapped to form field names.
noRoute Methods marked with this attribute will not be treated as web endpoints.
redirect Redirects to the given URL.
registerWebInterface Registers a HTTP/web interface based on a class instance.
terminateSession Terminates the currently active session (if any).
trWeb Translates text based on the language of the current web request.


Name Description
WebInterfaceSettings Encapsulates settings used to customize the generated web interface.


Name Description
SessionVar Maps a web interface member variable to a session field.


Name Description
render Renders a Diet template file to the current HTTP response.

Sönke Ludwig


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