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Module vibe.core.log

Central logging facility for vibe.


Name Description
deregisterLogger Deregisters an active logger instance.
log Logs a message.
logCritical Logs a message.
logDebug Logs a message.
logDebugV Logs a message.
logDiagnostic Logs a message.
logError Logs a message.
logFatal Logs a message.
logInfo Logs a message.
logTrace Logs a message.
logWarn Logs a message.
registerLogger Registers a new logger instance.
setLogFile Sets a log file for disk file logging.
setLogFormat Sets the log format used for the default console logger.
setLogLevel Sets the minimum log level to be printed using the default console logger.


Name Description
FileLogger Plain-text based logger for logging to regular files or stdout/stderr
HTMLLogger Logger implementation for logging to an HTML file with dynamic filtering support.
Logger Abstract base class for all loggers
SyslogLogger A logger that logs in syslog format according to RFC 5424.


Name Description
LogLine Represents a single logged line


Name Description
LogLevel Specifies the log level for a particular log message.

Sönke Ludwig


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