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Struct NetworkAddress

Represents a network/socket address.

To construct a NetworkAddress, use either resolveHost or set the family property accordingly, followed by setting the fields of sockAddrInet4/sockAddrInet6/sockAddrUnix.


Name Type Description
family [get, set] ushort Family of the socket address.
port [get, set] ushort The port in host byte order.
sockAddr [get] inout(core.sys.posix.sys.socket.sockaddr)* A pointer to a sockaddr struct suitable for passing to socket functions.
sockAddrInet4 [get] inout(core.sys.posix.netinet.in_.sockaddr_in)*
sockAddrInet6 [get] inout(core.sys.posix.netinet.in_.sockaddr_in6)*
sockAddrLen [get] int Size of the sockaddr struct that is returned by sockAddr().
sockAddrUnix [get] inout(core.sys.posix.sys.un.sockaddr_un)*


Name Description
toAddressString Returns a string representation of the IP address
toString Returns a full string representation of the address, including the port number.

Sönke Ludwig


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