API documentation

Module Description
vibe.core.args Parses and allows querying the command line arguments and configuration file.
vibe.core.concurrency Functions and structures for dealing with threads and concurrent access.
vibe.core.connectionpool Generic connection pool for reusing persistent connections across fibers.
vibe.core.core This module contains the core functionality of the vibe framework.
vibe.core.driver Contains interfaces and enums for evented I/O drivers.
vibe.core.file File handling.
vibe.core.log Central logging facility for vibe.
vibe.core.net TCP/UDP connection and server handling.
vibe.core.stream Generic stream interface used by several stream-like classes.
vibe.core.sync Task synchronization facilities
vibe.core.task Contains interfaces and enums for evented I/O drivers.
vibe.crypto.cryptorand Implements cryptographically secure random number generators.
vibe.crypto.passwordhash Password hashing routines
vibe.data.bson BSON serialization and value handling.
vibe.data.json JSON serialization and value handling.
vibe.data.serialization Generic serialization framework.
vibe.db.mongo.client MongoClient class doing connection management. Usually this is a main entry point for client code.
vibe.db.mongo.collection MongoCollection class
vibe.db.mongo.connection Low level mongodb protocol.
vibe.db.mongo.cursor MongoDB cursor abstraction
vibe.db.mongo.database MongoDatabase class representing common database for group of collections.
vibe.db.mongo.mongo MongoDB and MongoCollection classes and connections.
vibe.db.redis.redis Redis database client implementation.
vibe.http.auth.basic_auth Implements HTTP Basic Auth.
vibe.http.client A simple HTTP/1.1 client implementation.
vibe.http.common Common classes for HTTP clients and servers.
vibe.http.dist Interface for the VibeDist load balancer
vibe.http.fileserver A static HTTP file server.
vibe.http.form Routines for automated implementation of HTML form based interfaces.
vibe.http.log A HTTP 1.1/1.0 server implementation.
vibe.http.proxy HTTP (reverse) proxy implementation
vibe.http.rest Compatibility module; use vibe.web.rest
vibe.http.router Pattern based URL router.
vibe.http.server A HTTP 1.1/1.0 server implementation.
vibe.http.session Cookie based session support.
vibe.http.status List of all standard HTTP status codes.
vibe.http.websockets Implements WebSocket support and fallbacks for older browsers.
vibe.inet.message Internet message handling according to RFC822/RFC5322
vibe.inet.mimetypes Maps file name extensions to standard mime types.
vibe.inet.path Contains routines for high level path handling.
vibe.inet.url URL parsing routines.
vibe.inet.urltransfer Downloading and uploading of data from/to URLs.
vibe.inet.webform Contains HTML/urlencoded form parsing and construction routines.
vibe.internal.meta.all Collection of utilities for code generation and template meta-programming tasks.
vibe.internal.meta.codegen Templates and CTFE-functions useful for type introspection during code generation.
vibe.internal.meta.funcattr Helpers for working with user-defined attributes that can be attached to function or method to modify its behavior. In some sense those are similar to Python decorator. D does not support this feature natively but it can be emulated within certain code generation framework.
vibe.internal.meta.traits Extensions to `std.traits` module of Phobos. Some may eventually make it into Phobos, some are dirty hacks that work only for vibe.d
vibe.internal.meta.typetuple Additions to std.typetuple pending for inclusion into Phobos.
vibe.internal.meta.uda Utility templates that help working with User Defined Attributes
vibe.internal.win32 [internal]
vibe.mail.smtp SMTP client implementation
vibe.stream.base64 Base64 encoding routines
vibe.stream.counting Wrapper streams which count the number of bytes or limit the stream based on the number of transferred bytes.
vibe.stream.memory In-memory streams
vibe.stream.operations High level stream manipulation functions.
vibe.stream.ssl SSL/TLS stream implementation
vibe.stream.taskpipe Stream interface for passing data between different tasks.
vibe.stream.wrapper Stream proxy and wrapper facilities.
vibe.stream.zlib Zlib input/output streams
vibe.templ.diet Implements a compile-time Diet template parser.
vibe.templ.parsertools Contains useful functions for template the template parser implementations.
vibe.templ.utils Utility functions for dealing with templates.
vibe.textfilter.html HTML character entity escaping.
vibe.textfilter.markdown Markdown parser implementation
vibe.textfilter.urlencode URL-encoding implementation
vibe.utils.array Utility functions for array processing
vibe.utils.dictionarylist Defines a string based multi-map with conserved insertion order.
vibe.utils.hashmap Internal hash map implementation.
vibe.utils.memory Utility functions for memory management
vibe.utils.string Utility functions for string processing
vibe.utils.validation String validation routines
vibe.web.common Contains common functionality for the REST and WEB interface generators.
vibe.web.rest Automatic REST interface and client code generation facilities.
vibe.web.web Implements a descriptive framework for building web interfaces.
vibe.d Provides the vibe.d API and a default main() function for the application.
vibe.vibe Provides the full vibe.d API as a single import module.