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Function redirect

Redirects to the given URL.

void redirect (
  string url,
  int status = 302
) @safe;

void redirect (
  URL url,
  int status = 302
) @safe;

The URL may either be a full URL, including the protocol and server portion, or it may be the local part of the URI (the path and an optional query string). Finally, it may also be a relative path that is combined with the path of the current request to yield an absolute path.

Note that this may only be called from a function/method registered using registerWebInterface.


import : Json;

class WebService {
	// POST /item
	void postItem() {

void run()
	auto router = new URLRouter;
	router.registerWebInterface(new WebService);

	auto settings = new HTTPServerSettings;
	settings.port = 8080;
	listenHTTP(settings, router);

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