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Module vibe.utils.string

Utility functions for string processing


allOf(str, chars) Checks if all characters in 'str' are contained in 'chars'.
anyOf(str, chars) Checks if any character in 'str' is contained in 'chars'.
formatAlloc(alloc, fmt, args) Same as std.string.format, just using an allocator.
icmp2(a, b) Special version of icmp() with optimization for ASCII characters
indexOfAny(str, chars) Finds the first occurence of any of the characters in chars
matchBracket(str, nested) Finds the closing bracket (works with any of '[', '(', '<', '{').
sanitizeUTF8(str) Takes a string with possibly invalid UTF8 sequences and outputs a valid UTF8 string as near to the original as possible.
stripA(s) ASCII whitespace trimming (space and tab)
stripLeftA(s) ASCII whitespace trimming (space and tab)
stripRightA(s) ASCII whitespace trimming (space and tab)
stripUTF8Bom(str) Strips the byte order mark of an UTF8 encoded string. This is useful when the string is coming from a file.


countUntilAny indexOfAny

Sönke Ludwig


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