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Class HTTPServerRequest

Represents a HTTP request as received by the server side.

class HTTPServerRequest
  : HTTPRequest ;


this (time, port)


bodyReader InputStreamSupplies the request body as a stream.
clientAddress NetworkAddressThe IP address of the client
clientCertificate TLSCertificateInformationInformation about the TLS certificate provided by the client.
context DictionaryList!(std.variant.VariantN!(32L).VariantN,true,2L,false)A map of context items for the request.
noLog boolDetermines if the request should be logged to the access log file.
params DictionaryList!(string,true,8L,false)A map of general parameters for the request.
password stringThe password part of the URL, if present.
queryString stringThe query string part of the URL.
requestPath GenericPath!(vibe.core.path.InetPathFormat)The path part of the requested URI.
session SessionThe current Session object.
tls boolDetermines if the request was issued over an TLS encrypted channel.
username stringThe user name part of the URL, if present.
headers DictionaryList!(string,false,12L,false)All request headers
httpVersion HTTPVersionThe HTTP protocol version used for the request
method HTTPMethodThe HTTP method of the request
requestURI stringThe request URI
m_conn vibe.internal.interfaceproxy.InterfaceProxy!(


cookies[get] CookieValueMapContains the list of cookies that are stored on the client.
files[get] DictionaryList!(vibe.inet.webform.FilePart,true,0L,false)Contains information about any uploaded file for a HTML form request.
form[get] DictionaryList!(string,true,16L,false)Contains the parsed parameters of a HTML POST form request.
fullURL[get] URLThe full URL that corresponds to this request.
json[get] JsonContains the parsed Json for a JSON request.
peer[get] stringThe IP address of the client in string form
query[get] DictionaryList!(string,true,16L,false)Contains all form fields supplied using the query string.
rootDir[get] stringThe relative path to the root folder.
timeCreated[get] std.datetime.systime.SysTimeTime when this request started processing.
contentType[get, set] stringReturns the mime type part of the 'Content-Type' header.
contentTypeParameters[get] stringReturns any supplementary parameters of the 'Content-Type' header.
host[get, set] stringShortcut to the 'Host' header (always present for HTTP 1.1)
persistent[get] boolDetermines if the connection persists across requests.


path () The path part of the URL.
toString ()


requestURL Compatibility alias - scheduled for deprecation

Sönke Ludwig, Jan Krüger, Ilya Shipunov


© 2012-2017 Sönke Ludwig


Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.