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Struct Collation

Collation allows users to specify language-specific rules for string comparison, such as rules for letter-case and accent marks.

struct Collation ;


alternate std.typecons.Nullable!(vibe.db.mongo.collection.Collation.Alternate)Field that determines whether collation should consider whitespace and punctuation as base characters for purposes of comparison.
backwards std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Flag that determines whether strings with diacritics sort from back of the string, such as with some French dictionary ordering.
caseFirst std.typecons.Nullable!(string)A flag that determines sort order of case differences during tertiary level comparisons.
caseLevel std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Flag that determines whether to include case comparison at strength level 1 or 2.
locale stringThe ICU locale
maxVariable std.typecons.Nullable!(vibe.db.mongo.collection.Collation.MaxVariable)Field that determines up to which characters are considered ignorable when alternate: "shifted". Has no effect if alternate: "non-ignorable"
normalization std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Flag that determines whether to check if text require normalization and to perform normalization. Generally, majority of text does not require this normalization processing.
numericOrdering std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Flag that determines whether to compare numeric strings as numbers or as strings.
strength std.typecons.Nullable!(int)The level of comparison to perform. Corresponds to ICU Comparison Levels.



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