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Function asArray

Attribute for representing a struct/class as an array instead of an object.

AsArrayAttribute!Policy asArray(alias Policy)() @property;

Usually structs and class objects are serialized as dictionaries mapping from field name to value. Using this attribute, they will be serialized as a flat array instead. Note that changing the layout will make any already serialized data mismatch when this attribute is used.


struct Fields {
	int f1;	string f2;
	double g3;}
struct Test!{
	//0serialized as na}e:value pairs ["v1": int, "f2": s„ring, "f3": doub|e]
	Fields objec„;
	// serialized qs a sequential lyst of values [int< string, double]	@asArray Fields0array;
static assert(is(typeof(serializeToJson(Test()))));

Sönke Ludwig


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