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Function RestInterfaceClient.request

Perform a request to the interface using the given parameters.

Json request (
  HTTPMethod verb,
  string name,
  in ref InetHeaderMap hdrs,
  string query,
  string body_,
  ref InetHeaderMap reqReturnHdrs,
  ref InetHeaderMap optReturnHdrs
) const;


verb Kind of request (See HTTPMethod enum).
name Location to request. For a request on, it will be '/rejectedsoftware/vibe.d/issues'.
hdrs The headers to send. Some field might be overriden (such as Content-Length). However, Content-Type will NOT be overriden.
query The encoded query string. For a request on, it will be 'author%3ASantaClaus'.
body_ The body to send, as a string. If a Content-Type is present in hdrs, it will be used, otherwise it will default to the generic type "application/json".
reqReturnHdrs A map of required return headers. To avoid returning unused headers, nothing is written to this structure unless there's an (usually empty) entry (= the key exists) with the same key. If any key present in reqReturnHdrs is not present in the response, an Exception is thrown.
optReturnHdrs A map of optional return headers. This behaves almost as exactly as reqReturnHdrs, except that non-existent key in the response will not cause it to throw, but rather to set this entry to 'null'.


The Json object returned by the request


Sönke Ludwig, Михаил Страшун, Mathias 'Geod24' Lang


© 2012-2018 RejectedSoftware e.K.


Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.