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Struct AggregateOptions

Represents available options for an aggregate call

struct AggregateOptions ;


allowDiskUse std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Enables writing to temporary files. When set to true, aggregation operations can write data to the tmp subdirectory in the dbPath directory.
bypassDocumentValidation std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Available only if you specify the $out aggregation operator.
collation std.typecons.Nullable!(vibe.db.mongo.collection.Collation)
comment std.typecons.Nullable!(string)Users can specify an arbitrary string to help trace the operation through the database profiler, currentOp, and logs.
cursor CursorInitArgumentsSpecifies the initial batch size for the cursor.
explain std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)Specifies to return the information on the processing of the pipeline.
hint std.typecons.Nullable!( index to use for the aggregation. The index is on the initial collection/view against which the aggregation is run.
maxTimeMS std.typecons.Nullable!(uint)Specifies a time limit in milliseconds for processing operations on a cursor. If you do not specify a value for maxTimeMS, operations will not time out.
readConcern std.typecons.Nullable!(vibe.db.mongo.collection.ReadConcern)Specifies the read concern.

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