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Struct Bson

Represents a BSON value.

struct Bson ;


this (type, data) Creates a new BSON value using raw data.
this (value) Initializes a new BSON value from the given D type.


data[get] immutable(ubyte)[]Returns the raw data representing this BSON value (not including the field name and type).
emptyArray[get] BsonReturns a new, empty Bson value of type Array.
emptyObject[get] BsonReturns a new, empty Bson value of type Object.
get[get] TConverts the BSON value to a D value.
length[get] ulongReturns the length of a BSON value of type String, Array, Object or BinData.
type[get] Bson.TypeReturns the BSON type of this value.


byIndexValue () Iterates over all index/value pairs of an array.
byKeyValue () Iterates over all key/value pairs of an object.
byValue () Iterates over all values of an object or array.
fromJson (value) Converts a given JSON value to the corresponding BSON value.
isNull ()
opApply (del) Allows foreach iterating over BSON objects and arrays.
opAssign (other) Assigns a D type to a BSON value.
opCast () Converts the BSON value to a D value.
opEquals (other)
opIndex (idx) Allows accessing fields of a BSON object using [].
opIndex (idx) Allows index based access of a BSON array value.
opIndexAssign (value, idx) Allows accessing fields of a BSON object using [].
opt (def) Returns the native type for this BSON if it matches the current runtime type.
remove (key) Removes an entry from a BSON obect.
toJson () Converts a BSON value to a JSON value.
toString () Returns a string representation of this BSON value in JSON format.
tryIndex (key) Check whether the BSON object contains the given key.


Type Represents the type of a BSON value

Sönke Ludwig


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Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.