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Enum Node.SpecialName

A set of names that identify special-purpose nodes

enum SpecialName : string { ... }

Enum members

code D statement. A node that has pure text as its first content, optionally followed by any number of child nodes. The text content is either a complete D statement, or an open block statement (without a block statement appended). In the latter case, all nested nodes are considered to be part of the block statement's body by the generator.
comment Normal comment. The content will appear in the output if the output format supports comments.
filter Filter node. These nodes contain only text and string interpolations and have a "filterChain" attribute that contains a space separated list of filter names that are applied in reverse order when the traits (see applyTraits) are applied by the generator.
hidden Hidden comment. The content will never appear in the output.
text A dummy node that contains only text and string interpolations. These nodes behave the same as if their node content would be inserted in their place, except that they will cause whitespace (usually a space or a newline) to be prepended in the output, if they are not the first child of their parent.