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Enum MarkdownFlags

enum MarkdownFlags : int { ... }

Enum members

attributes Support HTML attributes after links

Links or images directly followed by { } allow regular HTML attributes to added to the generated HTML element.

backtickCodeBlocks Support fenced code blocks.
figures Recognize figure definitions

Figures can be defined using a modified list syntax:

` - %%% This is the figure content

- ### This is optional caption content `

Just like for lists, arbitrary blocks can be nested within figure and figure caption blocks. If only a single paragraph is present within a figure caption block, the paragraph text will be emitted without the surrounding <p> tags. The same is true for figure blocks that contain only a single paragraph and any number of additional figure caption blocks.

forumDefault Default set of flags suitable for use within an online forum
keepLineBreaks Convert line breaks into hard line breaks in the output

This option is useful when operating on text that may be formatted as plain text, without having Markdown in mind, while still improving the appearance of the text in many cases. A common example would be to format e-mails or newsgroup posts.

noInlineHtml Disable support for embedded HTML
none Same as vanillaMarkdown
tables Support table definitions

The syntax is based on Markdown Extra and GitHub flavored Markdown.

vanillaMarkdown Support only standard Markdown features

Note that the parser is not fully CommonMark compliant at the moment, but this is the general idea behind this option.


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