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Class MemorySessionStore

Session store for storing a session in local memory.

class MemorySessionStore
  : SessionStore ;

If the server is running as a single instance (no thread or process clustering), this kind of session store provies the fastest and simplest way to store sessions. In any other case, a persistent session store based on a database is necessary.


storageType[get] SessionStorageTypeReturns the internal type used for storing session keys.


create () Creates a new session.
destroy (id) Terminates the given session.
get (id, name, defaultVal)
isKeySet (id, key) Determines if a certain session key is set.
iterateSession (id)
iterateSession (id, del)
open (id) Opens an existing session.
remove (id, key) Removes a key from a session
set (id, name, value)
get (id, name, defaultVal) Returns the value for a given session key.
iterateSession (id, del) Iterates all keys stored in the given session.
set (id, name, value) Sets a name/value pair for a given session.
createSessionInstance (id) Creates a new Session object which sources its contents from this store.

Jan Krüger, Sönke Ludwig, Ilya Shipunov


© 2012-2013 Sönke Ludwig


Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.