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MongoConnection.getMore - multiple declarations

Function MongoConnection.getMore

void getMore(T) (
  string collection_name,
  int nret,
  long cursor_id,
  scope ReplyDelegate on_msg,
  scope DocDelegate!T on_doc

Function MongoConnection.getMore

Modern (MongoDB 3.2+ compatible) getMore implementation using the getMore command and OP_MSG. (if supported)

void getMore(T) (
  long cursor_id,
  string database,
  string collection_name,
  long nret,
  scope GetMoreHeaderDelegate on_header,
  scope GetMoreDocumentDelegate!T on_doc,
  Duration timeout = Duration.max,
  string errorInfo = __FUNCTION__,
  string errorFile = __FILE__,
  size_t errorLine = __LINE__

Falls back to compatibility for older MongoDB versions, but those are not officially supported anymore.

Upgrade notes

- error checking is now done inside this function - document index is no longer sent, instead the callback is called sequentially


MongoDriverException in case the command fails.


Sönke Ludwig


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Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.