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Asynchronous I/O that doesn’t get in your way, written in D

Enum SyslogFacility

Syslog facilities

enum SyslogFacility : int { ... }

Enum members

auth security/authorization messages
authpriv security/authorization messages
clockDaemon clock daemon
cron clock daemon
daemon system daemons
ftp FTP daemon
kern kernel messages
local0 local use 0
local1 local use 1
local2 local use 2
local3 local use 3
local4 local use 4
local5 local use 5
local6 local use 6
local7 local use 7
logAlert log alert
logAudit log audit
lpr line printer subsystem
mail mail system
news network news subsystem
ntp NTP subsystem
syslog messages generated internally by syslogd
user user-level messages
uucp UUCP subsystem

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