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Struct UpdateOptions

struct UpdateOptions ;


arrayFilters std.typecons.Nullable!([])A set of filters specifying to which array elements an update should apply.
bypassDocumentValidation std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)If true, allows the write to opt-out of document level validation.
collation std.typecons.Nullable!(vibe.db.mongo.collection.Collation)Collation allows users to specify language-specific rules for string comparison, such as rules for letter-case and accent marks.
comment std.typecons.Nullable!(string)Users can specify an arbitrary string to help trace the operation through the database profiler, currentOp, and logs.
hint std.typecons.Nullable!( index to use. Specify either the index name as a string or the index key pattern.
upsert std.typecons.Nullable!(bool)When true, creates a new document if no document matches the query.
writeConcern std.typecons.Nullable!(vibe.db.mongo.collection.WriteConcern)A document that expresses the write concern of the insert command. Omit to use the default write concern.

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