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Interface ClosableRandomAccessStream

Random access stream with support for explicit closing.

interface ClosableRandomAccessStream
  : TruncatableStream ;


isOpen[get] boolDetermines if the file stream is still open and accessible
dataAvailableForRead[get] bool(Scheduled for deprecation) Queries if there is data available for immediate, non-blocking read.
empty[get] boolReturns true iff the end of the input stream has been reached.
leastSize[get] ulong(Scheduled for deprecation) Returns the maximum number of bytes that are known to remain available for read.
readable[get] boolDetermines if this stream is readable.
size[get] ulongReturns the total size of the file.
writable[get] boolDetermines if this stream is writable.


close () Actively closes the stream and frees associated resources.
finalize () Flushes and finalizes the stream.
flush () Flushes the stream and makes sure that all data is being written to the output device.
peek () Returns a temporary reference to the data that is currently buffered.
read (dst, mode) Fills the preallocated array 'bytes' with data from the stream.
seek (offset) Seeks to a specific position in the file if supported by the stream.
tell () Returns the current offset of the file pointer
truncate (size) Truncates or extends the size of the stream
write (bytes, mode) Writes an array of bytes to the stream.

Sönke Ludwig


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Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.