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Struct URL

Represents a URL decomposed into its components.

struct URL ;


this (schema, host, port, path) Constructs a new URL object from its components.
this (url_string) Constructs a URL from its string representation.


anchor[get] stringThe anchor part of the URL (optional)
host[get, set] stringThe host part of the URL (depends on the schema)
localURI[get, set] stringThe path part plus query string and anchor
parentURL[get] URLThe URL to the parent path with query string and anchor stripped.
password[get, set] stringThe password part of the URL (optional)
path[get, set] PathThe path part of the URL
pathString[get] stringThe url encoded path part of the URL
pathString[set] stringSet the path part of the URL. It should be properly encoded.
port[get, set] ushortThe port part of the URL (optional)
queryString[get, set] stringThe query string part of the URL (optional)
schema[get, set] stringThe schema/protocol part of the URL
username[get, set] stringThe user name part of the URL (optional)


defaultPort (schema) Get the default port for the given schema or 0
fromString (url_string) Constructs a URL from its string representation.
opBinary (rhs)
opBinary (rhs)
opCmp (rhs)
opEquals (rhs) Tests two URLs for equality using '=='.
opOpAssign (rhs)
opOpAssign (rhs)
parse (url_string) Constructs a URL from its string representation.
startsWith (rhs)
toString () Converts this URL object to its string representation.

Sönke Ludwig


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