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Enum HTTPServerOption

Specifies optional features of the HTTP server.

enum HTTPServerOption : int { ... }

Disabling unneeded features can speed up the server or reduce its memory usage.

Note that the options parseFormBody, parseJsonBody and parseMultiPartBody will also drain the HTTPServerRequest.bodyReader stream whenever a request body with form or JSON data is encountered.

Enum members

defaults The default set of options.

Includes all options, except for distribute.

distribute Distributes request processing among worker threads
errorStackTraces Enables stack traces (HTTPServerErrorInfo.debugMessage).

Note that generating the stack traces are generally a costly operation that should usually be avoided in production environments. It can also reveal internal information about the application, such as function addresses, which can help an attacker to abuse possible security holes.

None deprecated
parseCookies Fills the .cookies field in the request
ParseCookies deprecated
parseFormBody Fills the .form field in the request
ParseFormBody deprecated
parseJsonBody Fills the .json field in the request
ParseJsonBody deprecated
parseMultiPartBody Enables use of the .nextPart() method in the request
ParseMultiPartBody deprecated
parseQueryString Fills the .query field in the request
ParseQueryString deprecated
parseURL Fills the .path, .queryString fields in the request
ParseURL deprecated
reusePort Enable port reuse in listenTCP()

Sönke Ludwig, Jan Krüger, Ilya Shipunov


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Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.