The DUB registry

Vibe.d and it's sister projects are all distributed in the form of DUB packages. DUB is a package and build manager for D projects. The DUB registry provides a central place for publishing D applications and libraries. All packages registered there can be used by simply adding a corresponding entry into the package.json file of a project. So if you are searching for advanced functionality or if you have a project which you'd like to make available, this is the right place.

Help vibe.d's development

You can help with vibe's development in several ways. The easiest way is by filing bug reports or by voting for new features on the bug tracker .

Finally, you can clone the GIT repository and start hacking directly on vibe's code base.

Hacking on vibe.d

To start developing vibe.d, fork the repository using the "Fork" button on the github repository:

Then you can clone the repository to your local computer using

$ git clone<your username>/vibe.d.git

Your commits can then be packed into a pull request to the main vibe.d repository. See "Fork a repository" and "Send pull requests" on github for more details.

When making contributions, please follow the style guide.