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Struct DictionaryList

Behaves similar to VALUE[string] but the insertion order is not changed and multiple values per key are supported.

This kind of map is used for MIME headers (e.g. for HTTP, see vibe.inet.message.InetHeaderMap), or for form data (vibe.inet.webform.FormFields). Note that the map can contain fields with the same key multiple times if addField is used for insertion. Insertion order is preserved.

Note that despite case not being relevant for matching keyse, iterating over the map will yield the original case of the key that was put in.

Insertion and lookup has O(n) complexity.

Template arguments

struct DictionaryList(VALUE, bool case_sensitive, ulong NUM_STATIC_FIELDS, bool USE_HASHSUM);


Name Type Description
m_extendedFields DictionaryList.Field[]
m_fieldCount size_t
m_fields DictionaryList.Field[NUM_STATIC_FIELDS]


Name Type Description
length [get] size_t The number of fields present in the map.


Name Description
addField Adds a new field to the map.
fromRepresentation Supports serialization using
get Returns the first field that matches the given key.
getAll Returns all values matching the given key.
opApply Iterates over all fields, including duplicates.
opBinaryRight Returns a pointer to the first field that matches the given key.
opIndex Returns the first value matching the given key.
opIndexAssign Adds or replaces the given field with a new value.
remove Removes the first field that matches the given key.
removeAll Removes all fields that matches the given key.
toRepresentation Supports serialization using

Inner structs

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Name Description

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