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Class EndCallbackInputStream

Wraps an input stream and calls the given delegate once the stream is empty.

Note that this function will potentially block after each read operation to see if the end has already been reached - this may take as long until either new data has arrived or until the connection was closed.

The stream will also guarantee that the inner stream is not used after it has been determined to be empty. It can thus be safely deleted once the callback is invoked.

Inherits from


Name Description


Name Type Description
dataAvailableForRead [get] bool Queries if there is data available for immediate, non-blocking read.
empty [get] bool Returns true iff the end of the input stream has been reached.
leastSize [get] ulong Returns the maximum number of bytes that are known to remain in this stream until the end is reached. After leastSize() bytes have been read, the stream will either have reached EOS and empty() returns true, or leastSize() returns again a number > 0.


Name Description
peek Returns a temporary reference to the data that is currently buffered.
read Fills the preallocated array 'bytes' with data from the stream.

Sönke Ludwig


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