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Class RedisClient

A redis client with connection pooling.

Inherits from

  • Object (base class)


Name Description


Name Type Description
redisVersion [get] string Returns Redis version


Name Description
auth Authenticate to the server
configResetStat Reset the stats returned by INFO
createSubscriber Creates a RedisSubscriber instance for launching a pubsub listener
deleteAll Deletes all keys from all databases.
echo Echo the given string
getConfig Get the value of a configuration parameter
getDatabase Returns a handle to the given database.
info Get information and statistics about the server
lastSave Get the UNIX time stamp of the last successful save to disk
ping Ping the server
quit Close the connection
save Synchronously save the dataset to disk
setConfig Set a configuration parameter to the given value
shutdown Synchronously save the dataset to disk and then shut down the server
slaveOf Make the server a slave of another instance, or promote it as master
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