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Interface EventDriver

Interface for all evented I/O implementations.

This is the low level interface for all event based functionality. It is not intended to be used directly by users of the library.


Name Description
acquireTimer Increases the reference count by one.
connectTCP Establiches a tcp connection on the specified host/port.
createFileDescriptorEvent Creates an event for waiting on a non-bocking file handle.
createManualEvent Creates a new manually triggered event.
createTimer Creates a new timer.
dispose Frees all resources of the driver and prepares it for consumption by the GC.
exitEventLoop Exits any running event loop.
isTimerPending Queries if the timer is currently active.
listenTCP Listens on the specified port and interface for TCP connections.
listenUDP Creates a new UDP socket and sets the specified address/port as the destination for packets.
openFile Opens a file on disk with the speficied file mode.
processEvents Processes all outstanding events if any, does not block.
rearmTimer Resets the timeout of the timer.
releaseTimer Decreases the reference count by one.
resolveHost Resolves the given host name or IP address string.
runEventLoop Starts the event loop.
stopTimer Stops the timer.
waitTimer Waits for the pending timer to expire.
watchDirectory Starts watching a directory for changes.
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