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Class HTTPServerResponse

Represents a HTTP response as sent from the server side.

class HTTPServerResponse
  : HTTPResponse ;




cookies Cookie[string]All cookies that shall be set on the client for this request
headers DictionaryList!(string,false,12L,false)The response header fields
httpVersion HTTPVersionThe protocol version of the response - should not be changed
statusCode intThe status code of the response, 200 by default
statusPhrase stringThe status phrase of the response


bodyWriter[get] OutputStreamA stream for writing the body of the HTTP response.
bytesWritten[get] ulong
connected[get] boolDetermines if the underlying connection is still alive.
headerWritten[get] boolDetermines if the HTTP header has already been written.
timeFinalized[get] std.datetime.systime.SysTimeReturns the time at which the request was finalized.
contentType[get, set] stringShortcut to the "Content-Type" header


connectProxy Special method for handling CONNECT proxy tunnel
finalize Finalizes the response. This is usually called automatically by the server.
isHeadResponse Determines if the response does not need a body.
redirect Sends a redirect request to the client.
setCookie Sets the specified cookie value.
startSession Initiates a new session.
switchProtocol Special method sending a SWITCHING_PROTOCOLS response to the client.
terminateSession Terminates the current session (if any).
tls Determines if the response is sent over an encrypted connection.
waitForConnectionClose Waits until either the connection closes, data arrives, or until the given timeout is reached.
writeBody Writes the entire response body at once.
writeBody Writes the entire response body as a single string.
writeJsonBody Writes a JSON message with the specified status
writePrettyJsonBody Writes a JSON message with the specified status
writeRawBody Writes the whole response body at once, without doing any further encoding.
writeVoidBody Writes the response with no body.

Sönke Ludwig, Jan Krüger, Ilya Shipunov


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Subject to the terms of the MIT license, as written in the included LICENSE.txt file.