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Asynchronous I/O that doesn’t get in your way, written in D

API documentation

vibe.core.argsParses and allows querying the command line arguments and configuration file.
vibe.core.concurrencyFunctions and structures for dealing with threads and concurrent access.
vibe.core.connectionpoolGeneric connection pool for reusing persistent connections across fibers.
vibe.core.coreThis module contains the core functionality of the vibe.d framework.
vibe.core.driverContains interfaces and enums for evented I/O drivers.
vibe.core.fileFile handling functions and types.
vibe.core.logCentral logging facility for vibe.
vibe.core.netTCP/UDP connection and server handling.
vibe.core.streamGeneric stream interface used by several stream-like classes.
vibe.core.syncInterruptible Task synchronization facilities
vibe.core.taskContains interfaces and enums for evented I/O drivers.
vibe.crypto.cryptorandImplements cryptographically secure random number generators.
vibe.crypto.passwordhashPassword hashing routines serialization and value handling. serialization and value handling. serialization framework.
vibe.db.mongo.clientMongoClient class doing connection management. Usually this is a main entry point for client code.
vibe.db.mongo.collectionMongoCollection class
vibe.db.mongo.connectionLow level mongodb protocol.
vibe.db.mongo.cursorMongoDB cursor abstraction
vibe.db.mongo.databaseMongoDatabase class representing common database for group of collections.
vibe.db.mongo.mongoMongoDB and MongoCollection classes and connections.
vibe.db.mongo.settingsMongoDB client connection settings.
vibe.db.redis.idiomsType safe implementations of common Redis storage idioms.
vibe.db.redis.redisRedis database client implementation.
vibe.db.redis.typesConvenience wrappers types for accessing Redis keys.
vibe.http.auth.basic_authImplements HTTP Basic Auth.
vibe.http.auth.digest_authImplements HTTP Digest Authentication.
vibe.http.clientA simple HTTP/1.1 client implementation.
vibe.http.commonCommon classes for HTTP clients and servers.
vibe.http.distInterface for the VibeDist load balancer
vibe.http.fileserverA static HTTP file server.
vibe.http.formConvenience functions for working with web forms.
vibe.http.logA HTTP 1.1/1.0 server implementation.
vibe.http.proxyHTTP (reverse) proxy implementation
vibe.http.routerPattern based URL router for HTTP request.
vibe.http.serverA HTTP 1.1/1.0 server implementation.
vibe.http.sessionCookie based session support.
vibe.http.statusList of all standard HTTP status codes.
vibe.http.websocketsImplements WebSocket support and fallbacks for older browsers.
vibe.inet.messageInternet message handling according to RFC822/RFC5322
vibe.inet.mimetypesMaps file name extensions to standard mime types.
vibe.inet.pathContains routines for high level path handling.
vibe.inet.urlURL parsing routines.
vibe.inet.urltransferDownloading and uploading of data from/to URLs.
vibe.inet.webformContains HTML/urlencoded form parsing and construction routines.
vibe.mail.smtpSMTP client implementation encoding routines TLS implementation streams which count the number of bytes or limit the stream based on the number of transferred bytes. streams an input stream to multiple output streams. based SSL/TLS stream implementation level stream manipulation functions. module for I/O streams interface for passing data between different tasks. stream implementation proxy and wrapper facilities. input/output streams
vibe.templ.dietImplements a compile-time Diet template parser.
vibe.templ.parsertoolsContains useful functions for template the template parser implementations.
vibe.templ.utilsUtility functions for dealing with templates.
vibe.textfilter.htmlHTML character entity escaping.
vibe.textfilter.markdownMarkdown parser implementation
vibe.textfilter.urlencodeURL-encoding implementation
vibe.utils.arrayUtility functions for array processing
vibe.utils.dictionarylistDefines a string based multi-map with conserved insertion order.
vibe.utils.hashmapInternal hash map implementation.
vibe.utils.memoryUtility functions for memory management
vibe.utils.stringUtility functions for string processing
vibe.utils.validationString input validation routines module with common functionality for REST interface generators. module with functions to generate JavaScript REST interfaces.
vibe.web.commonContains common functionality for the REST and WEB interface generators.
vibe.web.i18nInternationalization/translation support for the web interface module.
vibe.web.restAutomatic REST interface and client code generation facilities.
vibe.web.validationParameter validation types transparently supported for web interface methods.
vibe.web.webImplements a declarative framework for building web interfaces.
vibe.dProvides the vibe.d API and a default main() function for the application.
vibe.vibeProvides the full vibe.d API as a single import module.